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Mar 25, 2024

A controversial song which is still beyond brilliant and with durable and positive musical impact, and a cover that does a complete musical relocation of the song without losing the magic. Graceland, originally by Paul Simon, covered by Willie Nelson. 

Outro music is In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel, but it’s the bit at...

Mar 18, 2024

A song that redefined a career and charted a new course for an entire generation, a cover that looks back on that new course and smiles, and a version that fit the film because that’s the job it had to do. You Don’t Own Me, originally by Lesley Gore, covered by Joan Jett, and by The Blow Monkeys. 

Outro music is Bad...

Mar 11, 2024

One of the most impactful songs of the 80s by a band impossibly deep with talent, and a cover that, honestly, shouldn’t have worked but succeeded brilliantly thanks to the right artist with the right plan. Here Comes The Rain Again, originally by Eurythmics, covered by Macy Gray. 

Outro music is Macy Gray’s cover of...

Mar 4, 2024

The biggest song by the Godfather of American Metal, a cover that captures the essence of a regional sound, and the shame of a Beach Boy. Mother, originally by Danzig, covered by The Delorean Sisters. 

Outro music is She Bop, by Cindy Lauper.