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Jul 25, 2022

A band that perfectly blended innovation with powerhouse performances find their feet -- and ends up standing with Florida Man. Don't Change, originally by INXS, covered by Limp Bizkit.

Outro music is Suicide Blonde, also by INXS.

Jul 17, 2022

A group of musicians pivotal to multiple popular music genres, golden age and modern variety shows, and titans of their style. Cupid, originally by Sam Cooke, Covered by Bernadette Peters, and by Boyz II Men.

Outro music is Blue Moon, by Rod Stewart featuring Eric Clapton, who managed to outclass Tony Bennet that year...

Jul 11, 2022

Artists going their own way, a surprise songwriter, and brilliantly malicious compliance. For No One, originally by The Beatles, covered by Emmylou Harris, and by Rickie Lee Jones.

Outro music is Up A Lazy River, by Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong.

Jul 4, 2022

A brilliant and beloved song that didn't work like expected, a fascinating charity album, and a pretty darned good roll on a d20. Nightswimming, originally by REM, covered by Okay Kaya, and by Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit.

Outro music is I've Been to Memphis, by Lyle Lovett.